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Get Help Now: (888) 989-9690
Get Help Now: (888) 989-9690

Sober Living Environment

Valley Recovery Center of California - Sacramento - kitchen in the sober living environmentThe road to successful recovery from addiction can be difficult, but not impossible. Most clients who have transitioned from the protective walls of residential/inpatient treatment quickly experience the anxiety producing reality of returning to their former lives where they often face the challenges that await them. Without the immediate support of staff and a structured safe environment designed to prevent relapse, managing the triggers and cravings to use or drink again can prove challenging and clients tend to find themselves relapsing and re-entering treatment over and over again without the appropriate aftercare plan.

Many factors contribute to the complexities of achieving sobriety. Among them are:

  • Client factors (motivation, family history and dynamics, medical and mental health issues, etc.)
  • Treatment factors (length of stay, treatment approaches, mix of client population, etc.)
  • Post discharge life/sobriety skills and support systems (alcohol/drug free living environment; healthiness of relationships, legal issues, participation in sober support systems, etc.)

No matter the length of stay in residential/inpatient treatment, the goal is for clients to utilize the skills that they have gained to assist them with coping with their emotions and the stressors of the real world.

It is often recommended that clients take additional time to practice using the tools and applying the skills they learned during their residential/inpatient treatment experience. Sober living environments can offer a safe and stable opportunity to practice and develop sober living skills.

Valley Recovery’s Sober Living Environment (SLE) is one such place. Located at the Villas at Fair Oaks in Sacramento, California, these two-bedroom, four bed, gender-specific apartments provide a structured residence where an individual can live while they continue treatment through Valley Recovery Center’s Partial Hospitalization or Intensive Outpatient Programs. At the SLE, an individual can become more involved in developing and participating in their sober support networks i.e. AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery, explore employment opportunities, attend school, and integrate sober living and healthy habits into their daily lives.

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If you have any questions about our Sober Living Environment or any of our services, feel free to contact us anytime at (888) 989-9690.