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Get Help Now: (888) 989-9690

Motivational Interviewing for Addiction Treatment

Motivational Interviewing for addiction treatment - change process - valley recovery centerGetting individuals to grasp new concepts can take a lot of finesse. The goal of motivational interviewing is to move someone from one way of thinking or doing something into a new direction.

Most People Aren’t Fans of Change

Change isn’t easy. Motivational interviewing for addiction treatment is an excellent way to spur someone to make necessary changes for their health and happiness. You cannot just tell someone how to think. You need to create an environment that helps them come to new ways of thinking by facilitating thought processes that bring them to revelation.

An addicted individual needs a safe place for discovery.

Empathy and understanding are key elements to building a relationship that creates that safe place. Collaboration with the individual is essential. When a therapist can take the stance of “I am on your side” and “we are in this together,” they can help break down the walls and barriers of the addicted individual.

Motivational interviewing evokes thoughtful response through the use of open-ended questions. The goal is to help the individual discover ways to change on their own.

Affirmations are also important, as the decisions a person makes while addicted can make bring on shame and guilt. When an individual is not threatened by the judgment of the past, it is possible to see a new and hopeful future.

So, what is motivational interviewing for addiction treatment?

Using the above techniques and many others, the therapist works with the client to change the way they think and talk about their lives. As the collaborative, nonjudgmental relationship builds, the client will begin to change their behaviors. After talk and preparation, they will develop a plan of action.

Motivational interviewing for addiction treatment can be a very effective way for a therapist to interface with their client. It not only builds trust, but it also allows the client to take ownership of their life and find hope.

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