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Get Help Now: (888) 989-9690

Drug Rehab Centers In California

Are you looking for the most appropriate among the drug rehab centers in California? Valley Recovery Center is willing to help you. We provide comprehensive, compassionate, and evidence-based services for both men and women suffering from substance abuse. We have an outstanding team of experts who have devoted their lives to help patients achieve recovery.

Drug rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation is the medical and psychotherapeutic treatment for patients who have been dependent on psychoactive substances. This includes alcohol, prescription drugs, cannabis, cocaine, heroin, amphetamines, and more. It combines different psychotherapeutic approaches that are patient-specific.

The key goal of the rehabilitation process is for the patient to end drug abuse. It also aims to improve the general health of the patient through continuous support and education. Many treatment centers and programs also help the patient establish a positive support system involving their family members, friends, and other loved ones in the process.

How does drug rehabilitation work?

The drug rehabilitation process typically involves four phases of treatment: assessment, detox, rehabilitation, and aftercare. For the clinicians to be able to design the most appropriate recovery plan, they will evaluate the patient first. The other phases will depend on the assessment of the patient’s medical, emotional, and social functioning. The next phase relies on cleansing the patient’s mind and body of toxins through holistic treatment. At treatment centers that offer detox programs, clinicians monitor the patients to manage withdrawal symptoms, which are unpleasant and pose a danger to the health of the patient. They will give proper medication to ease withdrawal symptoms

The third phase is the rehabilitation proper which will help the patient recover and prepare themselves for their recovery journey. Many drug rehab centers in California will provide the patients with continuous care to ensure long-term sobriety, which is called inpatient or residential treatment. At Valley Recovery Center, we provide outpatient treatment programs. Our drug rehab centers in California offer intensive outpatient programs that provide treatment for patients who do not require around the clock care or detox. Our convenient IOP schedule allows patients to receive counseling and support, while still tending to home and work responsibilities.

Therapies in the intensive outpatient program at Valley's drug rehab centers in California will include individual behavioral therapies and group therapy, while the last phase is the aftercare program, which helps prevent possible relapse. The treatment center will give the patient opportunities to study and work and continue their lives after the rehabilitation process.

How much do the services in a drug rehab center cost?

The cost of rehabilitation depends on the specific needs of the patient. For instance, if a person needs inpatient and detox treatment, the cost is higher. For patients who only need outpatient rehabilitation, such as Valley’s intensive outpatient program, the cost is lower.

Valley Recovery Center, much like other drug rehab centers in California, accepts most major health plans in the country. For more information and to check your benefits, call today. 

Drug Rehab Centers In California

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