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How Online Recovery Communities Can Help You Stay Sober - young woman with laptop and coffee at table

How Online Recovery Communities Can Help You Stay Sober

Recovery can sometimes feel like a lonely pursuit. While nothing can quite replace the kind of community that comes with face to face contact, engaging with an online recovery community can be an exceptional resource for sustaining sobriety. A study published by the Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment found that online recovery communities achieved positive...
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sharing a traumatic event - valley recovery center - therapist

Sharing a Traumatic Event

No matter what the experience is or why it happened, sharing a traumatic event is a vital step towards healing and recovery. Tragedy can happen to anyone and it can come in many forms. Sometimes it is a painful experience that was endured as a child, such as physical or sexual abuse. Sometimes it is...
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by helping others...we help ourselves - sponsorship in al-anon - valley recovery center of california - drug addiction rehab in sacramento california - sacramento alcohol addiction treatment center

Sponsorship in Al-Anon

Every day, minute and second, someone is suffering from the disease of addiction or alcoholism, and it’s not just the person who is drinking or using drugs. For decades, Al-Anon has helped millions of families and friends who have been affected by the disease of addiction/alcoholism. We believe addiction is a family disease and with...
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