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Going to Rehab Away from Home: What You Need to Know - young man with luggage at airport facing away

Going to Rehab Away from Home: What You Need to Know

Is it better to travel away from home in order to increase rehabilitation success? It’s hard to say, as what works for one person, does not necessarily work for another. With the prevalence of rehabilitation centers located all across the country, there is likely never a need to move far from home in order to...
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Finding a Job After Leaving Recovery - man writing with woman interviewing

Finding a Job After Leaving Recovery

One of the most critical steps after leaving recovery is finding a job that will compliment your physical and emotional needs. In other words, you want to find a job that can provide a positive environment free of emotional or physical triggers. In the beginning, being back in the job market will most likely feel...
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Group of men in Sober Living - What is Sober living

What Is Sober Living?

When you first transition from a treatment center into regular daily life, there’s a lot to get used to. In the majority of rehab facilities, you have a controlled environment supplemented by aspects important to recovery, such as peaceful surroundings, an engaging support network, and proper access to nutrition. You also have no pressure to...
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house with heart

How to Prepare for When Your Loved One Comes Home from Rehab

Awaiting the homecoming of your loved one from rehab will bring a whirlwind of emotions. You will most likely feel excited for their return. At the same time, it is not unusual to feel apprehensive as well. Aside from the fact that you have redesigned your life to accommodate your loved one’s treatment, anxiety surrounding...
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How to Care for Yourself While Your Loved One is in Rehab - women visiting

How to Care for Yourself While Your Loved One is in Rehab

After your loved one goes to a substance abuse recovery center, you will probably feel a momentary relief. Following a tumultuous period where you more than likely spent day after day trying to help them get better, shifting your focus to healing yourself should become a priority.
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The Blackout Period Explained - older man thinking

The Blackout Period Explained

Upon entering into a substance abuse recovery facility, clients will face a “blackout period” in which their ability to contact the outside world is restricted. Depending on the facility, the length of the blackout period will vary.
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What to Expect from Family Visits - family visiting

What to Expect from Family Visits

While an initial break in contact is important, visiting your loved one in rehab can be essential to their recovery. So what should you expect for your visit? When it comes to family visitations, drug and alcohol recovery facilities have different policies. Some centers only allow visitation during a few hours on designated days.
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How to Communicate with Your Loved One in Rehab - man writing letter

How to Communicate with Your Loved One in Rehab

After a moment of silence—incepted by the blackout period—it’s time to communicate with your loved one. How do you do this? What are the right things to say? Is there any topic that should remain off limits? The answer to these questions is complex as there is no absolute when it comes to communicating. Even...
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Addiction Rehab Family Programs - family in hands - valley recovery center

Addiction Rehab Family Programs

While addiction rehab family programs are often staffed with professionals who manage family interventions skillfully and with great compassion, the family’s role in enabling addict’s behavior is a real phenomenon with real consequences to the addict and, in fact, the entire family.
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life after drug addiction rehab - woman reading a book - valley recovery center

Life After Drug Addiction Rehab

Life after drug addiction rehab can take on many forms. Everyone’s story and pathway to success is different. Some of us, the majority of us, actually, stumble at some time or another along the way. Your quality of life after drug addiction rehab is enhanced by the company in which you surround yourself. It’s important...
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