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A-Further-Look-into-the-Stages-of-Recovery-and-Relapse - butterfly emerging green

A Further Look into the Stages of Recovery and Relapse

Understanding the importance of relapse prevention following completion of treatment is vital to the success of long-term sobriety. According to a 2017 US News & World Report study, deaths from alcohol, drugs, and suicide are projected to increase by 60 percent within the next decade. While treatment techniques continue to improve, 60 to 90 percent...
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Letting-Go-of-Resentment-of-an-Addicted-Parent - dandelion blowing in wind

Letting Go of Resentment of an Addicted Parent

Children are especially vulnerable to the secondary effects of addiction. Without the psychological or emotional maturity to fully understand the nature of substance abuse, growing up with a parent as an addict can lead a child to feel responsible for a parent’s drinking or drug use. Along with other issues children of addicts face, problems...
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Is-Your-Teen-a-High-Functioning-Addict - pretty dark haired girl in black coat close up

Is Your Teen a Highly-Functioning Addict?

Something feels wrong. Until now, you’ve never suspected your son or daughter to be abusing drugs or alcohol because they’ve never given you a reason. They come home when they are supposed to, they excel in school—aren’t kids involved in drugs and alcohol reckless and absent? Herein lies the standard misconception that people who suffer...
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Journaling for Emotional Awareness - woman laying on bed writing in journal

Journaling for Emotional Awareness

While quitting a substance stood as a significant step toward rehabilitation, it was learning how to creatively funnel the cyclone of racing thoughts that truly unlocked a doorway within me to achieve sustainable sobriety. While there are many channels of release such as yoga, running, and meditation, journaling for emotional awareness can provide an exceptional...
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How Online Recovery Communities Can Help You Stay Sober - young woman with laptop and coffee at table

How Online Recovery Communities Can Help You Stay Sober

Recovery can sometimes feel like a lonely pursuit. While nothing can quite replace the kind of community that comes with face to face contact, engaging with an online recovery community can be an exceptional resource for sustaining sobriety. A study published by the Journal of Substance Abuse Recovery found that online recovery communities achieved positive...
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How to Socialize When Sober - friends eating while one takes selfie of the four of them

How to Socialize When Sober

Deciding whether or not you should accept a party invitation is dependent on where you are in your journey of recovery. For instance, if you are newly sober, it would be in your best interest to stay away from any event where there might be alcohol or substance use—even if the substance is not your...
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Going to Rehab Away from Home: What You Need to Know - young man with luggage at airport facing away

Going to Rehab Away from Home: What You Need to Know

Is it better to travel away from home in order to increase rehabilitation success? It’s hard to say, as what works for one person, does not necessarily work for another. With the prevalence of rehabilitation centers located all across the country, there is likely never a need to move far from home in order to...
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Finding a Job After Leaving Recovery - man writing with woman interviewing

Finding a Job After Leaving Recovery

One of the most critical steps after leaving recovery is finding a job that will compliment your physical and emotional needs. In other words, you want to find a job that can provide a positive environment free of emotional or physical triggers. In the beginning, being back in the job market will most likely feel...
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Group of men in Sober Living - What is Sober living

What Is Sober Living?

When you first transition from a treatment center into regular daily life, there’s a lot to get used to. In the majority of rehab facilities, you have a controlled environment supplemented by aspects important to recovery, such as peaceful surroundings, an engaging support network, and proper access to nutrition. You also have no pressure to...
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Hope, Resilience, and Readiness to Change - contemplative woman

Hope, Resilience, and Readiness to Change: How Your Attitude Affects Your Recovery Journey

While there are multiple factors that contribute to the success and longevity of maintained sobriety, many elements relate to your attitude and perception. You can be educated on the diverse mechanisms of response, but without authentic belief in free will and your capacity to change, you limit your ability to overcome obstacles. What Exactly Is...
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