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Drug Abuse
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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

For well over twenty years in addiction and behavioral health circles, the question was debated: Just what is Dual Diagnosis Treatment? The most common definition is that persons who need Dual Diagnosis Treatment suffer from both addictions and psychiatric conditions. Alcoholics Anonymous has long maintained (70 years) that people who suffer from alcohol addiction are...
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Severe Detox Symptoms

Watching a loved one go through severe detox symptoms can feel as painful on your insides as it looks like on their outsides. It may cause you to feel helpless or scared, or angry even when your loved one is in the safe care of professionals during the process. It may also cause you to...
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Disease of Addiction

The disease of addiction was once spurred by the false notion that addicts and alcoholics suffered from a lack of will power. There are many circles today that still believe this to be fact, but over time much research has been done to prove the contrary. The first known American doctor to credit alcoholism as...
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Cycle of Addiction

In 21st century America, addiction appears to be the ‘diagnosis du jour’. Acceptance of addiction in our culture can be measured by popular opinion that reflects and/or assigns the diagnosis to anyone who over-indulges in food, exercise, shopping, gambling, traveling, internet activity, and so on and so on. In contrast, medical and behavioral health clinicians...
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Acceptance of Drugs in Our Culture

In many ways, the United States is known as the land of excess. We make cheesy pizzas with hot dogs in the crust, we clamor for decadent iced coffees with the calorie content of an entire meal. We are consumed by excess of food, money, clothes, cars, and technology. And when it comes to drugs...
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photo of young adults shooting heroin - how easy is it to get addicted to heroin - valley recovery center of california - sacramento drug rehab center

How Easy is it to Get Addicted to Heroin

How easy is it to get addicted to heroin? I found myself searching this question on the Internet, hoping to find a definitive answer that would help me avoid the pitfall of addiction. I had experimented with other drugs and was curious to try heroin. I knew that it was addictive, but I figured I’d...
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The Consequences of Drug Abuse are Countless

The consequences of drug abuse are events that may occur through out an individual’s addiction. They can affect the body, the mind and the spirit, ranging from small to large to the ultimate consequence- death. Drug abuse can take someone to places no one thought they would go and cause them to do things they...
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