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Is There Such Thing as an “Addictive” Personality? - brunette girl profile with brain lit up golden

Is There Such Thing as an “Addictive” Personality?

As a person who has dealt with substance abuse, you may wonder: “Is there such thing as an addictive personality? Was I born predestined to be an addict?” According to a Psychology Today article, published in 2016, the idea of an addictive personality is nothing more than a myth. The author states there is no...
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Going to Rehab Away from Home: What You Need to Know - young man with luggage at airport facing away

Going to Rehab Away from Home: What You Need to Know

Is it better to travel away from home in order to increase rehabilitation success? It’s hard to say, as what works for one person, does not necessarily work for another. With the prevalence of rehabilitation centers located all across the country, there is likely never a need to move far from home in order to...
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Finding a Job After Leaving Recovery - man writing with woman interviewing

Finding a Job After Leaving Recovery

One of the most critical steps after leaving recovery is finding a job that will compliment your physical and emotional needs. In other words, you want to find a job that can provide a positive environment free of emotional or physical triggers. In the beginning, being back in the job market will most likely feel...
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Hitting Rock Bottom

Is Hitting Rock Bottom Necessary to Seek Addiction Treatment?

The idea that a person suffering from substance abuse has to reach rock bottom before seeking treatment can be dangerously misleading. Not only is rock bottom hard to qualify, but it’s also not absolute. Furthermore, waiting for yourself or a loved one to hit rock bottom could lead to a fatal ending. What Exactly Is...
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Are Addicts in Recovery Judged by their Peers? - girls gossiping

Are Addicts in Recovery Judged by their Peers?

Possible peer judgment should never stand in the way of your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. However, if you choose to remain friends with people who you once partied with, there stands a good chance that you are going to be judged for your recovery efforts. Understanding Differences in Personal Experiences One of the reasons...
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Mindfulness and Addiction - man meditating

Mindfulness and Addiction

As addicts in recovery, we know that cessation of substance use is about more than giving up the substance and the friends and activities associated with it. We must also address the emotional issues underlying our use. Whether those emotional issues have to do with stress, anxiety, depression, fear, or a lack of self-esteem, there’s...
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What to Do When a Friend Relapses

For many people, the winter months can be an exceptionally rough time to stay sober, a time when we can become acutely aware of our loneliness. Emotional triggers like this create turbulent ground and risk of relapse for people in any stage of recovery. As hard as it can be when someone you deeply care...
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Rethinking Addiction - definition of addiction

Rethinking Addiction

In the beginning, some twelve thousand years ago, people used mind-altering substances in an attempt to connect more intimately with the spirit world. Like trance dance and fasting, substance has been used since ancient times as a method to break through the barrier of reality so that communication with deceased ancestors could be possible.
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Top 10 Myths of Why People Become Addicts - myths word

Top 10 Myths of Why People Become Addicts

When I was growing up, the common belief about addiction was that it began with the first hit. During D.A.R.E. week, a school program with the slogan “dare to not use drugs” we were taught to “just say no.” We watched a video once where there was a rabbit addicted to crack. It showed him...
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Where California Stands in the Nationwide Opioid Epidemic - addiction epidemic in america

Where California Stands in the Nationwide Opioid Epidemic

Stated as the deadliest drug crisis in American history, the opioid epidemic is not only killing people, but it’s also stealing friends, mothers, fathers, children, lovers. Nationwide, drug overdoses have now risen to the leading cause of accidental death according to the United States Center for Disease Control, which states that 91 people die from...
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