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Welcome to the Valley Recovery Blog!

what is dual diagnosis? - depressed man looking out window - valley fresno

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis is the term used to identify when an individual is suffering from a mood or mental disorder while simultaneously struggling with an addiction. Historically, mental health conditions and addiction have been treated separately. Dual diagnosis is necessary because these two issues usually occur in tandem. Studies have consistently shown that being diagnosed with...
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five great sober date ideas - happy couple with flowers - valley fresno

Five Great Sober Date Ideas

One rule of thumb in recovery is to not date for the first year. Spending time getting to know yourself again in sobriety lays the foundation for a brighter, healthier future. In recovery, we learn to love ourselves again. You know you’re ready to date other people once you have dated yourself first. We have...
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chemical dependency versus substance abuse - addiction - valley recovery center

Chemical Dependency versus Substance Abuse

The line between chemical dependency versus substance abuse is very fine. These are just a few of the many consequences associated with substance abuse. Addiction, which is also called substance dependence by the American Psychiatric Association, is defined as a “maladaptive pattern of substance use leading to clinically significant impairment or distress.” (4th ed., text...
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overcoming drug addiction - happy couple - valley recovery center

Overcoming Drug Addiction

Is overcoming drug addiction really possible? I thought it was, but I didn’t know anything. I spent so much time our time lecturing, begging, pleading, crying and threatening by boyfriend to stop with his drug use. After a rough patch that included a DUI, my prayer was finally answered and he went to treatment. I...
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Healthy Alternatives to Substance Abuse during the Holidays - hot chocolate friends - valley recovery center

Healthy Alternatives to Substance Abuse during the Holidays

With the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holidays fast approaching, the anxiety and build up is also soon to arrive. The holiday season becomes stressful for everyone to different extents. Which gifts to purchase, what parties to attend, dealing with family issues and relationships head on, traveling long distances, grieving over the loss of a...
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social acceptance of drug abuse - watching television - valley recovery center

Social Acceptance of Drug Use

The term “social” can be described as seeking or enjoying the companionship of others; friendly, gregarious. Unfortunately nothing could be more further from the truth as it relates to the use of drugs. Social acceptance of drug use is a very serious problem in our society. Reality television sensationalism and the detachment of reality in...
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social media and substance abuse - social media drug - valley recovery center

Social Media and Substance Abuse

Social Media has introduced us to a new life, and within that life is the misinformation, acceptance and glamorization of substance abuse and alcohol. Technology has completely changed the way we socialize, especially the younger generations. The statistics connecting social media and substance abuse is astounding. According to the 2011 National Teen Survey, “American teens...
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sharing a traumatic event - valley recovery center - therapist

Sharing a Traumatic Event

No matter what the experience is or why it happened, sharing a traumatic event is a vital step towards healing and recovery. Tragedy can happen to anyone and it can come in many forms. Sometimes it is a painful experience that was endured as a child, such as physical or sexual abuse. Sometimes it is...
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signs of substance abuse in a loved one - valley recovery center - stop addiction

Signs of Substance Abuse in a Loved One

If you think someone you love may be involved with drugs or alcohol, there could be some things to look for. With the wide range of different street drugs available, it’s often difficult to recognize the signs of substance abuse in a love one.
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