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Get Help Now: (888) 989-9690

7 Tips for Living With Someone in Addiction Recovery

These tips for living with someone who is in addiction recovery begin with an open mind, the power to let go. and a lot of patience.

Addiction is a family disease; it affects everyone close to the addicted person. Recovery is a lifelong process, and transitioning from an inpatient treatment center to life at home may not be as smooth as you expect. Take a breath and step back.

Below are 7 tips for living with someone in recovery. 

  • tips for living with a recovering addict - couple sitting on bench - valley recovery centerGet educated on addiction and recovery: Knowledge is power! Learn all you can about the disease of addiction, recovery, and everything in between.
  • Be patient. Your loved one is learning new behaviors and practicing new skills. Let them learn.
  • Become active with groups that support recovery. This is a no-brainer. Get to an Al-Anon group meeting as soon as you can. Here you will learn about addiction, recovery, and the importance of YOUR life. This support group has helped thousands for many years.
  • Focus on yourself: You may find that living with someone in recovery frees up a lot of time. Your loved one is probably spending a lot of time at outpatient therapy or 12-Step meetings and working with a sponsor. Now it’s your turn to concentrate on your life. Get out and start enjoying yourself.
  • Give praise and encouragement when due: Recognize the positive changes your loved one is making.
  • Learn that relapse can be a part of recovery: Yes it happens. Be prepared.
  • Be aware of nagging, pushing, and prying: No one wants to be under a microscope 24 hours a day. Understand that this is their journey. If they fall – let them fall with dignity and face the consequences that may come with it.


Taking these tips to heart can be a crucial part of your life, your serenity, and your relationship with your loved one.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, please contact us at (888) 989-9690 anytime.

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